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Xense Profiler for DFC (dfcprof) is a performance analysis tool that can help you diagnose performance problems in EMC Documentum systems.

dfcprof processes Documentum Foundation Class (DFC) trace files to extract useful performance tuning information. The tool can be used in 2 ways:

  1. as a standalone console-based java application that processes trace files and produces an HTML report.
  2. as a DFC trace parsing library that can be embedded into another application (just include dfcprof-x.x.x.jar in your java project)


Since most people will simply want to download and use a tool to help them solve their existing Documentum performance problems this is what you need to do. I assume you already have a DFC trace you want to analyse or you know how to create one. I also assume you are on Windows - for non-Windows users check the details in the documentation.


The DFCprof project is not related in any way to EMC. Please do not send bug reports or questions to EMC.